Instructions for using 3D models

The ability to view 3D graphics is implemented in the browser using WebXR technology (without installing additional software or plug-ins). WebXR is supported, at least, in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, Quest browser, Pico browser, Magic Leap Browser, Chrome for Android, Samsung Internet, Opera Mobile, Firefox for Android.

Depending on the device on which you open this site, there are various viewing options described below.

Viewing on the computer

It is better to have a video card on the computer. Viewing without a video card may result in delays and lags.
There are three quality options available for viewing on the computer, each with different texture file sizes that will be downloaded to your computer (file size indicated in parentheses in the quality menu). After the download, the data will be unpacked into the video memory. The memory sizes for each option are as follows: quality menu
1. Simple option: it is loaded along with the selected page and uses a minimum amount of video memory, typically no more than 0.5 GB. This option should work smoothly on all modern computers.
2. Medium option: typically requires 2 to 3 GB of video memory. It is advisable to have a separate video card when choosing this option.
3. High-quality option: requires 5 GB or more of video memory. Before loading the model in high quality, an additional question will be prompted with information about the required memory. camera menu

After the model is loaded, clicking once on the screen is required to enter the movement mode, after which the mouse cursor will disappear. Movement is controlled using the WASD keys on the keyboard. The direction of movement is determined using the mouse. Movement mode can be terminated by clicking the left mouse button.

In the camera settings, you can control the height, camera angle, and movement speed. There is also an option to return to the starting point if you get stuck in the virtual space. camera light menu

Additionally, you can control the flashlight settings, including brightness, angle, and light color.

Some cave complexes may consist of multiple unconnected underground areas. In this case, the view menu will display the selection of each individual part. By default, the first part on the list is loaded. At the bottom of the list, there is always a button to view the overall view.

4. The overview mode differs from the previously described options. In this mode, the cave is shown in 3D overview. The control is carried out using the mouse: Views menu
Rotation: For this, it is necessary to hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse in the desired direction.
Zoom in, zoom out: Use the mouse scroll wheel.
Movement: For this, it is necessary to hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse in the desired direction.
Change the center of rotation: The center of rotation appears as a small red ball (may not be visible on the screen depending on the position). To change the center, double-click on any part of the model.

Viewing through virtual reality headset

Кнопка VR This method allows for complete immersion in the atmosphere of the cave.

Open the browser within the interface of the headset and enter the address of this site. Then, select the desired cave to view and wait for the page to load. After the loading is complete, the "Enter VR"" button will appear. Press it to enter virtual reality

To exit the virtual reality mode, use the corresponding button on the controller, following the instructions provided for your headset model. Teleport

To move around in virtual reality, the teleportation technique is used. Press a button on one of the controllers and aim the beam from the controller at the floor. A green circle will appear; release the button, and you will teleport to the selected location.

To cancel teleportation, aim the beam at the wall or ceiling of the cave and release the button.

Teleportation only works when aiming the beam at the floor. However, the concept of the virtual reality headset does not limit your movement within the physical space you are in, allowing you to pass through cave walls.

Меню выбора качества

Similar to on the computer, there is an option to adjust the viewing quality. If your device restarts after loading a high-quality model, it indicates insufficient available memory for that model. In this case, use a model of medium quality.

Viewing option on a smartphone

Меню на смартфоне On the phone, models are loaded in minimal quality. There is no quality selection menu. The view selection menu, like on the computer, allows for choosing views of parts of the complex and an overall view.

1. Inside view. Before starting the viewing, it is recommended to collapse the settings by touching the corresponding label. To start moving, briefly touch the smartphone screen once. A repeated single touch stops the movement. For rotations, swipe on the smartphone screen in the desired direction. Movement through walls is blocked. When approaching a wall, movement stops automatically. If you find yourself blocked, change the direction and touch the screen again to continue moving, or expand the camera menu and press the "return to start" button.

2. Overall view. Movement of fingers on the screen rotates the model around its center. Pinching with two fingers zooms in or out the model. Moving two fingers on the screen moves the model. Double quick touch on the model image moves the center of rotation to that point.